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Keep it on the Map! See how close you are to so many great events & opportunities that are right around the corner.

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We make it easy to post so that you have time to do what’s important to you.

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Help others help you! Get local promotions and free giveaways by sharing why your there and give the event owner feedback and help there business grow! Businesses and event owners want to hear from YOU!

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We want you to have more opportunities! If you have a venue and are looking for local talent to bring crowds post the opportunity on MGN.  If you have a band but don’t know where to play look for opportunities here on MGN. Find other great opportunities here on MGN.

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Would you like to know if 60% of your business yesterday were couples on dates or if 80% of the people in your coffee shop were there for business? You make the offer we gather the data. Get valuable social data by offering a promotion!

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Make some extra money with MGN by sharing local events you attend to your social networks! Hire locals to attract locals to your venue!

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