How We Started

One Saturday morning, I woke up and wanted to do something new. I didn’t have any plans so I went online and I googled things to do. Nothing new came up besides the local attractions. Then I realized that there was not a central location to find local events, like garage sales, food trucks, music festivals, and even real estate open houses. After that day, MapGoodNews was born. The purpose is to provide a method for people to post local events, opportunities, and see all the events happening in their area now. I want to wake up, open MapGoodNews and discover something new. I want to go where the locals go, and discover fun family friendly events. 

Coffee 52%
Code 96%
Bible 75%
Bagels 36%


John Holdsworth FOUNDER
The idea guy, innovator, managing director, and passionate entrepreneur!
Thomas O'Brien FOUNDER
Tech Expert and Passionate Entreprenuer!


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