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Help events with feedback and get the favor you deserve!

User Benefits

Redeem free offers in exchange for providing feedback to local businesses. For example, lets say Nana’s Diner wants to find out what brings most of their customers into the diner. Nana’s Diner would offer you an incentive such as a free side of pancakes with your breakfast order, and in exchange you would take a short poll. The poll will help Nana’s Diner to grow as a business by giving them insight they would not have known. Lets say that the poll results show that the majority of their customers are students in small groups and clubs from the local community college. Nana’s Diner can now implement strategies for marketing. They decide to post fliers at the college that say “Students get free omelets with any purchase this Friday only from 9am-11am!” Or maybe they offer a free pitcher of sweet tea to any party of at least 4. But you get the idea; the ball is your court.

The best part? If you want to help small businesses in your area, they will reward you with an offer.

HUGE Poster Benefits


Data is your friend. We collect specialized data to help you add value to your business. We understand that not every small business has a team of highly specialized marketing experts. That’s where we come in. Map Good News makes marketing easy to use and implement for any business, and customizes the type of data needed for your specific needs. For example, we understand that Nana’s Diner may benefit from certain data that may differ from the type of data that Freddy’s Garage would value. Map Good News puts both businesses on the map while collecting separate and specialized data that caters to each business. Map Good News gives you control over the information that your business requires. The best part? It is free to post your events to the map! You decide what information would be most valuable to your specific company, and you decide what incentive you want to offer your users for their data. Get started with Map Good News and put your good news (business events) on the map!

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